I do rather enjoy Friday’s.  For some unknown reason, which i cannot really understand, everything is quieter, more relaxed and i get far less emails.  It is almost as if there is an unwritten rule that the working week is really between midday Monday and Thursday afternoon. 

The rest of the week however, is pure madness where because of modern technology, i am able to be contacted at every opportunity whether by phone or email.  Emails sometimes remind me of that game at the fair where the little creatures pop up and you have to whack them on the head but no matter how quickly you hit them, more keep appearing and the result is you being tired!

I went to a meeting for 30 minutes yesterday and when i returned i had 23 new emails.  I quickly sieve them to see how many are likely to be junk, personal, filing or need to be dealt with.  I hope that the latter group is the smallest.  There is almost nothing more joyous than all the emails being junk or all being about football on Saturday morning as ‘the boys’ have started to banter and filled my inbox.  The panic of an increased workload disppears and is replaced with the amusement of the banter, made all the more enjoyable because they are the majority of the emails!

I sometimes wish i could have lived in the ‘pride and prejudice’ era of letters and horses.  Things would have been so much slower back then!  You wouldn’t have found people writing annoying one line unnecessary letters when they took 4 weeks on horse back to deliver!  Today people avoid phone and face to face conversations as it is easier to quickly send an email.  We all do this but it is a horrible behaviour.

Obviously, i don’t really want to live in that era as i love my Sky+ HD, my IPAD and my car but you know what i mean!  Working life today is a constant stream which rarely lets up… meaning that work-life balance and enjoying one’s job is absolutely critical.  I am fortunate that i see my wife and kids a lot and enjoy my job.  I feel for those who don’t…