After over 18 months of writing, editing, designing and trying to get to grips with the world of publishing and self publishing my book is finally complete and soon to be in worldwide distribution.

Making Business Child’s Play demonstrates the importance of mastering the skills and techniques we possessed as children and exhibit as parents. By identifying the parallels between what goes on at home and at work, it demonstrates how we can transfer behaviours to be more successful within a business environment.

Making Business Child’s Play is for people looking for practical, action oriented ideas about business behaviours in an accessible entertaining style. It is written to be read in less than two hours, ideal for your next train journey or flight.  It is not written as a textbook but provides lots of insights, hints and tips across a wide variety of topics through a very personal series of stories and analogies about myself and my two young children. The book is for all types of people across all types of industries but is perfect for aspiring managers with young children working in an office environment. So, if you are interested in a book which takes a fresh innovative look at common subjects then this book is for you. Once you have finished reading, you will have discovered an array of practical tips and techniques giving you a changed and enriched perspective as a manager and/or a parent.

Whilst I may never sell a copy of my book, i’m proud of what i have achieved so far.  This blog aims to become the living breathing version of the book with up to date real life home and work experiences.