So here I sit feeling fairly proud that I have finally finished my book, have started a blog, have constructed a Facebook page, am using Twitter, have built a website (or my cousin has!) and have now managed to get the book and ebook into worldwide electronic distribution.  Admittedly i am yet to sell a copy… but all in good time!

I was also feeling fairly smug that no-one else had any ideas similar to my own.  I have searched around and on the topic of ‘Making Business Child’s Play‘ for over 18 months and only this week did i discover another blog ‘Business is Child’s Play’.  My heart went into my mouth, my stomach turned and i had a horrible feeling that my unique idea wasn’t that unique after all!

The blog dates back to October 2010.  Bizarrely, this is the same exact point that i started writing my book.  It is written by a lady called Marilyn Cox who is a mother to 2 small children, wife and manager of a marketing operations team.  I am a father to 2 small children, husband and head of marketing.  The similarities are a little spooky.

Her blog relates experiences with children to the development of problem solving, communication, and finding humor in all aspects of life.  She learned that lessons can be gained from her home life as well as work experience and decided to share them via her blog.  I came to similar conclusions and decided to write them in a book.

So I browsed the site and after a while i came to realise that there were a huge amount of complimentary similarities between my book and Marilyn’s blog. However, there are also a number of key differences.  If anyone finds the topic intriguing… i would recommend both my book and Marilyn’s blog (  Having never met or spoken to her… i hope she doesn’t mind me doing so!